Aaron Rodgers To The Denver Broncos Rumors Heat Up After Rodgers Was Reportedly Seen Playing Golf With John Elway

  • CBS Sports’ Romi Bean reports that Aaron Rodgers and Denver Broncos executive John Elway were seen playing golf together recently in California
  • Bean says her report has been corroborated by two different sources
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Are the Denver Broncos trying to recruit Aaron Rodgers away from the Green Bay Packers?

Just a few weeks ago, NFL Network’s Rich Eisen had heard that Rodgers would love to play in Denver.

“I heard he’d happily go to Denver because they’ve got the weapons,” Eisen said. “He doesn’t care that it’s in Mahomes’ division, he would actually love to personally beat Mahomes, he would love to send Mahomes to the Wildcard every single year. This is what I’ve been told.”

We now have another report saying Rodgers has been in contact with John Elway, who happens to be the president of football operations for the Denver Broncos.

During an appearance on the DNVR podcast CBS Denver’s Romi Bean said she could confirm that Elway and Rodgers both played golf recently in Calfornia amid Rodgers’ turmoil with the Packers.

I know for a fact that Aaron Rodgers and John Elway have had contact these past couple of weeks. I know for a fact they were playing golf together in California.

I know that has happened even though that’s tampering or whatever, but how else does John Elway woo guys but on the golf court.

I actually have this story corroborated on two different sides which is pretty wild.

One is from someone in the golf world who booked the rounds which is verified.

And the other end by chance I had a friend whose friends were playing at this club that weekend and John and Aaron came up and played poker with them, so corroborated on two sides and no one is talking about that.

It is worth noting Bean is fairly well connected within the Broncos organization.

Update: NFL insider Benjamin Allbright reports that Elways/Rodgers bumped into each other and “explained pleasantaries” which would contradict Bean’s report.