Aaron Rodgers Makes Clear Statement About NFL Protocols After Returning From Illness

Aaron Rodgers Press Conference Zoom

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Aaron Rodgers made his return to the sideline on Sunday after testing positive for COVID-19 on November 3rd. However, he will not make his return to the media room after the game.

Rodgers, who has caused quite a bit of controversy with his remarks over the last 11 days, is not vaccinated.

He revealed his reasoning in an interview with Pat McAfee and continues to stand by his decision. Rodgers did acknowledge that his comments on his vaccination status prior to the season may have been misleading.

Regardless of why, Rodgers has not received the COVID-19 shot and does not have plans to do so in the near future. As such, the 37-year-old must follow strict NFL protocols in regard to health and safety.

He has not followed protocol for parts of season, which resulted in an almost $15,000 fine. Now, he will be under a close microscope.

Because of the protocols, for which he has been previously vocal, Rodgers would be required to wear a mask during all in-person media appearances. He does not believe that he should have to wear a mask during press conferences.

To push back on the NFL’s rules, Rodgers made a clear statement through a decision ahead of Sunday’s game against the Cardinals. Per multiple reports, the Packers quarterback has elected to conduct his post-game press conference via Zoom.

Because he is taking questions on Zoom, not in person, Rodgers will be exempt from wearing a mask. This will presumably be the case for the remainder of the season.