Aaron Rodgers’ Past Comments About The Jets Going Viral Amidst Trade Speculation

Aaron Rodgers drops back to pass

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock this week, then you’ve likely heard that the New York Jets are putting on a full-court press when it comes to their pursuit of future Hall of Fame Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

According to reports from various league insiders, the Jets’ top brass — including their owner, general manager, and head coach — met with Rodgers in California earlier this week to discuss a potential partnership. Rodgers, 39 years old, has yet to indicate whether or not he intends to play next season.

Regardless of whether or not he even suits up in the NFL next year, the Jets have seemingly put all of their eggs into Rodgers’ basket, meaning they might be stuck with Zach Wilson again next year if Rodgers does ultimately decide to retire.

Jets execs aren’t the only ones in the organization that are clearly giddy about the potential of landing Rodgers, as Jets players — specifically, the stud rookie trio of Sauce Gardner, Garrett Wilson, and Breece Hall — posted a video of them burning a Packers cheesehead in something of a sales pitch to the four-time MVP.

Perhaps the reason the Jets are so confident in landing Rodgers is partially due to comments he made about the team last season after they rocked up to Lambeau and beat the Packers by a score of 27-10, which are now going re-viral given the potential marriage between the two.

“The league, you know, is stronger across the board. You know, a team like the Jets who you know have always been the Jets or whatever, that’s kind of the moniker around them. That’s not the ‘same old Jets’, you know, this is a good football team,” Rodgers said back in October.

“They’re very well coached, they got good players. They got to get schemes, good players, they added to the mix since we played them last year, they added obviously, through the draft and a couple of guys and free agency that can really play. You got a couple guys that can really cover the veteran leadership on the back end.”

At the time, talks between the Jets and Rodgers remain at a standstill while the QB makes a decision on his future. If he does decide he wants to play for the Jets, they’ll have to send at least a first-round pick to the Green Bay Packers in return.

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