Packer Fans Think Aaron Rodgers Sucks Because He’s Having Too Much Sex With Olivia Munn

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Football fans are insane. Everyone know this. There are thousands upon thousands of freak-outs and mental meltdowns about sports — and the NFL in particular — on a daily basis.

Our latest glaring example comes courtesy of Green Bay fans, thanks to a 3-game Packers losing streak. So why have we seen such poor play from the Pack as of late? SEX. Specifically, Aaron Rodgers/Oliva Munn sex.

This is exactly the kind of crap that springs to life when you lose to the 1-7 Detroit Lions at home.

From the New York Post comes this wonderfully insightful message board comment voiced by a devoted, deranged CheeseHead.

“Ever since it came out about Olivia Munn and Rodgers, and her spouting off on TV about their sex life, Rodgers is NOT a good QB. The team used to glorify God, but now there is not mention of Him from any of them. I believe God has taken His hand off of the Packers players.

Let me repeat: God has taken His hand off of the Packers players. And God has done so because HE found out Aaron Rodgers was having regular sex with his girlfriend.

But alas, it gets even stupider.

He takes the same God approach and then adds that Aaron Rodgers should be benched. This might be the funniest call for action from an NFL fan that we’ve seen all year. And that’s saying a lot.

Cool poll, dipshit.

Indeed. Olivia probably gave poor Aaron a fierce scrotum-stomp each of the last three Sunday mornings. Case solved.

At long last, a voice of reason. A very harsh voice of reason, but we’ll take anything at this point.

[h/t New York Post]

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