ABC News Gets Ratio’d Into Oblivion For ‘Disrespectful’ Tweet About The Death Of Marion Barber

ABC News Criticized By Fans For Insensitive Tweet About Marion Barber

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  • On Wednesday, ABC News posted a tweet about the death of former NFL running back Marion Barber.
  • NFL fans on the internet were very upset by it, saying it was insensitive and disrespectful.
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Former Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears running back Marion Barber III was found dead in his apartment by police in Frisco, Texas, on Wednesday.

He was just 38 years-old. Barber’s cause of death has yet to be announced, but he was discovered when officers went out on a welfare check. He would have been 39 on June 10.

Numerous sports figures and media outlets expressed their sympathies and paid tribute to the late football star.

Former Dallas Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells said of Barber when reached for comment by the Dallas Morning News, “I hold him in high regard.

“I hate to bring up football now because that’s not important, but he was almost like a perfect player. In this respect, he could run, block, he could catch, he was tough and he was always there. So that’s what I’ll say about him.”

Parcells added, “I would say I found him to be a very nice, respectful young man. And I had a very high regard for him. He was like he could do everything you could ask him to do and he was always there.”

ABC News posted what many NFL fans felt was an insensitive tweet about Marion Barber

Among the media outlets to cover the surprising death of Marion Barber was ABC News which tweeted out a link to a story with the caption:

“JUST IN: Marion Barber III, the former Dallas Cowboys running back who scored plenty of touchdowns without recording a 1,000-yard season, has died, the team said Wednesday. He was 38.”

While ABC News was technically correct, Barber rushed for 4,780 and scored 53 touchdowns during his seven-year NFL career, many fans found the reference to be disappointing and insensitive considering the man had just passed away.

Interestingly, despite all of the backlash, the ABC News tweet about Marion Barber was still live as of 11:10 a.m. ET on Thursday.