ACC Football Media Guide Has Incredible Typo, Probably Cost Someone Their Job

We’ve all been there before. Stuck in a miserable, dead end job, just blankly staring at a computer screen and counting down the minutes until we can bust out of our cubicle.

Some of us complain about it, while others take action and actually do something.

The latter appears to be what someone did who works for the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), because there was a hilarious typo in the conference’s football media guide that had to be in there from pure spite.

Filled with 145 pages of solid info about each team in the league and historical info that would make even the biggest football junky’s head spin, the words “FUCK THIS SHIT” was found beneath the Wake Forest Deamon Deacons’ schedule, proving that, yes, even those who work in sports tend to get a little frustrated with their gigs.

Of course, I’m just projecting what I believe the typo to be from, as I once worked in Sport Info back in college, so I know all too well about the countless hours of tedious editing and fact-checking. But, even I’m not fucking dumb enough to have used “FUCK THIS SHIT” as a placeholder.

Actually, from now on, I think I’ll just go ahead and disguise random swear words in my posts every week and hold a Twitter contest for the first reader to find it, giving them some prize for the discovery—it still wouldn’t be as bad as this typo, which, amazingly, found its way to the final version of the ACC media guide.

[H/T CBS Sports]

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