Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones Nearly Lights Himself On Fire While Burning Steelers’ Joe Haden Jerseys That Were Sent To Him By A Fan


Former NFL player Adam “Pacman” Jones was not happy when someone sent him a ton of Joe Haden jerseys on Wednesday.

After receiving a delivery of several signed Haden jerseys in the mail, the former Bengals cornerback quickly got to work and brought out lighter fluid to set the jerseys on fire.

“I opened up my mailbox today, and I had these jerseys in my mailbox,”. “I’ma show you how gangsta I am. Whoever sent these punk-ass Haden Pittsburgh jerseys, all these b—-es about to get fired up.

Jones nearly lit himself on fire while filming the process of burning the Haden jerseys.

Joe Haden immediately denied he had anything to do with sending Jones the jerseys.

Haden’s agent Drew Rosenhaus’ statement.

Via Pro Football Talk

I want to clarify that Joe Haden was not involved in sending his jerseys to Adam Jones. He had no knowledge of this and was not connected to it. Furthermore Joe has been a first class person on and off the field. We do not appreciate or condone Jones negative reaction or comments. Joe has had immaculate track record in the NFL and should not be treated this way by another member of the NFL family.”