Despite Earning Nearly $100 Million During NFL Career, Adrian Peterson Appears To Be Deep In Debt After Defaulting On Loan

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During his career, Adrian Peterson earned more money than any running back in the history of the NFL.


Unfortunately, despite making nearly $100 million in his 12 years it seems like Peterson is in some serious debt.

Today, Peterson was hit with a lawsuit after defaulting on a $5.2 million loan.

Via Yahoo Sports

DeAngelo Vehicle Sales (in this case, investment vehicle, not a car) has filed suit in New York against Peterson, claiming he has defaulted on a $5.2 million loan. Peterson used at least some of the loan to pay other debts, including money owed to a “pay day lender.”

Apparently, Peterson was using the $5.2 million loan to pay off several other multi-million dollar loans.

The loan from DVS wasn’t the first for Peterson, nor the first he defaulted on.

He used the $5.2 million from DVS to pay back a loan of nearly $3.2 million to Thrivest Specialty Funding and another $1.34 million to Crown Bank.

In 2018, a Minnesota court ordered Peterson to pay the final unpaid $600,000 to Crown Bank on a $2.4 million loan.

A Maryland judge declared last week that Peterson had to pay another creditor, Democracy Capital Corp., the $2.4 million he owed.

Peterson’s lawyer took to Twitter to confirm that Peterson was in debt and that this was a case of an “athlete trusting the wrong people”.