Phillies Girl Who Went Viral For Dancing During A Game Has Been ID’d

Phillies hat

Getty Image / G Fiume

The Philadelphia Phillies took on the Toronto Blue Jays on Wednesday and secured a 2-1 win.

However, the field wasn’t the only place getting some action that day. A girl attending the baseball game went viral as she was seen dancing on somebody.

She clearly didn’t care that people were right around them, as the Phillies girl danced away with no regard.

Crossing Broad shared the video that has sense gone viral on the internet.

Her name is Adrienne Fabi. She identified herself on her Instagram story shortly after the clip went viral.

Here’s a quick glimpse into her daily life on social media.

Fabi is a lesser known Instagram model that seems to be getting the ball rolling after being seen dancing at the Phillies game.

But it’s clear she knows how to work the camera.

It’s unclear exactly who the Phillies girl was dancing on at the game. However, she does reveal she was dancing on one of her friends on her Instagram story.

Thanks to her, it seems there might be some new Phillies fans ready to attend games.


Wait. Are we living in a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode?

The internet is filled with viral moments like these.

You never know when the next viral girl will strike.