Adult Subscription Site The Latest Sponsorship Suitor For Michael Block

Michael Block celebrates after the PGA Championship.

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Michael Block continues to receive offers following his performance at the PGA Championship, whether that be through sponsorships, tournament invites, or memorabilia bids.

On Tuesday, he got maybe his most interesting…

The club pro from California wowed over the weekend, recording a score of +1 for the tournament under difficult conditions at Oak Hill. He closed things out with a bang, acing his shot from the 15th tee box in what was the most exciting moment of the major.

Following the four-day performance, Block’s newfound fame has led to a number of awesome opportunities.

On top of qualifying for the 2024 PGA Championship with his top 15 finish, he quickly received an invite to the Charles Schwab Challenge this coming weekend.

He’s also seen fans reach out with incredible offers, including a $50,000 bid on the seven-iron used to sink that improbable hole in one.

Now, though, he’s received his most off-the-wall request, and it comes via a potential online partnership.

An adult subscription site called My.Club, which oddly seems like it could be a legitimate online golf store, has offered Michael Block $300,000 to become the company’s golf professional. The website offers patrons an avenue to talk to ‘content creators,’ and they apparently believe the 46-year-old would be the perfect addition.

To put the offer in perspective, he made $288,333 at the PGA Championship – which equals about 2,000 of his $150 golf lessons at Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club.

The site’s vice president had the following to say about the opportunity.

“Our goal is to bring your expertise and professional insight to the masses and show how My.Club can be utilized to monetize sports lessons and other activities for adult audiences.” -Mike Ford

Block reportedly has not responded publicly.