AEW Wrestling Star Wardlow Loses Championship Belt After His Rental Car Was Robbed (Video)

AEW wrestler Wardlow

Getty Image / Frank Jansky / Icon Sportswire

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) star Michael Austin ‘Wardlow’ is the current AEW TNT Champion.

This is his second time holding the title but the first time he’s actually physically lost the belt. Though, it’s not necessarily his fault as he shared a video of his rental car having been burglarized with all of his items stolen including the title belt.

In the video, we can see AEW’s Wardlow approaching his rental car with a rear-side window smashed in. While filming, Wardlow says “thanks to the person who broke into my rental car and took absolutely everything.”

The items stolen from AEW’s Wardlow included his ‘TNT title, gear, boots, and (his) whole life.” Wardlow implied that his wrestling gear (clothes) were stolen and he might be forced to wrestle in the clothes he was wearing at the tiem of the robbery.

This all went down on his way to Sacramento which means it could have potentially happened in the Bay Area, a hotspot for car break-ins.

Wardlow says if he caught the criminals who smashed his window and stole his gear in the act their “jaw would be as shattered as the glass is.”

AEW fans responded to Wardlow with messages of support on Twitter:

This seems to confirm it happened in the Bay Area. I personally know at least 5 close friends who have had their cars burglarized in the Bay Area so this isn’t a surprise:

It is odd this is this is the second time the AEW belt has been stolen:

The first time the AEW belt was ‘stolen’ it was listed on Craigslist.

The person who listed it and later returned it said they found it in the middle of the street. That happened back in 2019.

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