A.J. McCarron Is Jealous of His Girlfriend’s Sudden Fame, Says TMZ ‘Sources’

According to TMZ, A.J. McCarron's girlfriend, Katherine Webb, had numerous national interviews scheduled for today. But she canceled all of them out of respect for her relationship with the Alabama quarterback. 

Katherine says she decided to pull out because she feared her relationship with A.J. will be viewed as a “celebrity status” thing … instead of a real, legitimate connection … and worries that the misconception could spell doom for the couple.

“I want it to be about me and him,” Webb says … adding, “He's a guy I can see myself having a real future with.”

But sources close to Webb tell us … McCarron made it clear to her — he's not happy that the media is ignoring his accomplishments on the field. We're told Webb is taking her relationship seriously and thinks the publicity could torpedo things with A.J.

In fact, we're told one major media outlet showed up to Webb's front door this morning looking to speak with Katherine … but she turned them down. We're told she also backed out of several interviews that were already scheduled.


Admirable move for sure. Can you blame McCarron for being ticked off? He just worked his ass off in a National Championship season. But then again, maybe if the National Championship game wasn't such a bore, people wouldn't be distracted by who a quarterback's dating. Another thing to get mad at the BCS about. 

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