Yes, Chicago Bears DE Akiem Hicks Really Did Brag About Drinking 40 Beers In College – Here’s The Full Story

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It’s been a pretty solid couple days of sports, so we knew a dud was in the works. And that’s exactly what the late October Monday Night Football game between the Rams and Bears was: A boring blow out, with Nick Foles losing his luster and the Rams dominating the ball.

The highlight, easily, was the story of told in the fourth quarter about Akiem Hicks, veteran Chicago Bears defensive end.

Akiem Hicks went to the University of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada. Apparently like all of us, he loved 50 cent wing night.

In fact, during one wing night, bragged “a record” 40 beers with his buddies during wing.

The story about Akiem Hicks drinking 40 beers quickly became the highlight of an otherwise boring football game:


Here’s some full context:

Turns out Akiem Hicks really enjoyed his time in Canada. As you might recall, Hicks didn’t qualify academically to get a big-school NCAA scholarship when he came out of high school – he signed to play at LSU, but NCAA violations made him ineligible for his debut 2009 season in the SEC.

So he headed to Canada – a classic workaround.

Here’s the rest of the Akiem Hicks 40 beers story, via the Ottawa Sun:

“I’ve never drank that many beers in my life,” said Hicks. “But those Canadians got me going, man. The drinking age was 19, so we had guys … oh, maybe this shouldn’t be in the article (more laughter). We had a good time, man. We had a really good time.”

But eight beers shy of two, two-fours? I know a lot of football fans back home reading this and saying “right on, mann, Hicks can hold his suds!”

“I was one of the last ones standing,” he said. “Let’s just say … oh, I’m going to put his name out there, let’s just say Stefan Charles wasn’t so lucky.”

Charles, an Oshawa native, was on the same Regina Rams D-Line as Hicks. He went on play three years with the Buffalo Bills and one with the Detroit Lions.

What happened to Charles that night?

“Oh man, he dropped off about 11, 11:30 p.m.,” Hicks said, with more laughter. “Just before The Owl started to get going.

“I’ll never forget those days, man. It was cool. I really enjoyed my time in Canada.”

The Akiem Hicks 40 beers story is my new favorite Wade Boggs story.

Also, how much fun is it to say the name of his college?


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