Alabama Forcing Texas Fans/Band To Sit In Nosebleeds In Petty Revenge Move

Alabama Crimson Tide

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Alabama is getting their revenge on Texas with an extremely petty move ahead of their game this week.

In 2018, Alabama and Texas signed a contract to play a series of games against each other and allotted a specific number of tickets for the visiting teams but did not specify where the seats were located.

Last year, Alabama didn’t send their band to Texas because the Longhorns program would only grant them upper-deck tickets.

“Due to the seating location and configuration of the visiting institution’s ticket allotment at Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium, the Million Dollar Band will not make the trip this weekend for the Alabama at Texas football game” Alabama said via a statement.

Alabama is returning the favor now that they’re hosting the game this year.

Alabama’s AD Greg Byrne announced they’re putting Texas fans and their band in the upper deck for the upcoming game in Tuscaloosa this upcoming weekend.

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Texas isn’t in the SEC just yet, which means the SEC’s regulation for tickets for visitors doesn’t apply for the Alabama football matchup vs. the Longhorns this week at Bryant-Denny Stadium.

So, the Crimson Tide doesn’t have to meet the SEC requirement of at least 2,000 visiting tickets located in the lower level of the stadium. And Alabama won’t. All 5,000 visitor tickets, which include seats for the band, will be in the upper deck.

“We are able to reciprocate a similar seating arrangement to what we had last year in Austin,” Alabama athletics director Greg Byrne told The Tuscaloosa News.

Alabama fans loved the petty move.

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