Alabama Withheld Ha Ha Clinton-Dix’s Degree For A Year Because He Owed The University One Dollar

Alabama Withheld Ha Ha Clinton-Dix Degree Because He Owed One Dollar

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Listen. I get it. Colleges don’t want to get stuck with thousands of dollars in outstanding payments by people who have technically graduated and moved on from the school.

HOWEVER, this case involving the University of Alabama withholding Chicago Bears safety Ha Ha Clinton​-Dix’s degree is pretty ridiculous.

According to a January 2019 report by, the University of Alabama football program had revenue of $111.1 million during the school’s 2018 fiscal year. Out of that $111.1 million, $48.2 million of it was PROFIT.

The year before, the Alabama football program had revenue of $108.2 million – $45.9 million of it profit.

In 2016, the football program had revenue of $103.9 million – $47.7 million being profit.

In 2015, revenue was reportedly $95.1 million and the fiscal year before that, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix’s final year playing for the Crimson Tide, revenue was $95.3 million with a $53.3 million surplus.

So the university has made over $200 million in profit from the football program over the past five seasons.

I point all of this out to show how ludicrous it was for Alabama to withold Clinton-Dix’s degree which he completed in May of 2018…

… because he owed the school… one dollar.

Needless to say, reactions to this news were what you’d expect.

Be worse, NCAA. You can’t.

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