Two Managers Throw Punches In Wildly Entertaining Alaskan Baseball League Brawl



It takes a special person to live in Alaska. The neverending days and neverending nights can drive even the sanest mad. You never know when the elements are going to cause a guy to snap. Sometimes it can happen in a very public fashion, as it did in the Alaskan Baseball League last night.

Here we have managers Mike Grahovac and Kevin Griffin getting their Mayweather-Pacquiao on.

The trouble started when Grahovac was ejected for arguing balls and strikes. After getting the heave-ho he exchanged words with Griffin, who was coaching third at the time. The two proceeded to settle their differences by using their fists. Why? Because words had already failed them.

Maybe not the best look but, hey, here we are talking Alaskan Baseball League so probably worth it.

[H/T: KTUU via Deadspin]