Alex Rodriguez Is Looking For Career Advice So Of Course He Went To Barry Bonds For Help

Alex Rodriguez is back at it again, working hard this offseason to reclaim his starting position at third base for the New York Yankees. He’s been away from the game for nearly two years due to injuries and a suspension following the MLB investigation of his involvement with Biogenesis, and now he’s turning to a baseball legend to help him get back to top form — Barry Bonds.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Bonds has been working with Rodriguez in San Rafael at the Future Prospects facility:

Bonds’ latest pupil has been out of the game since 2013, has hip issues and turns 40 in July, but Rodriguez is gung ho about returning to the Yankees and is all ears around Bonds.

While certainly the decision to work with Bonds will turn heads due to both athletes’ pasts that are shrouded in PED allegations, it’s hard to fault A-Rod for going to Bonds for batting advice. After all, Barry can really swing a bat, and if A-Rod is going to win the spot, he has to prove once again that he can produce at a high level at the plate. Sure, there are a ton of jokes to be made here, but it’s still a really sound baseball decision.

h/t San Francisco Chronicle