Alex Rodriguez Half Cartwheels Into Home Plate For The Ugliest Slide Attempt I’ve Ever Seen

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Oh, man, what the hell else can I say about Alex Rodriguez?

Once considered the heir apparent to nearly every offensive record in the history of baseball, A-Rod gone and fucked up for obtaining “illegal performance-enhancing substances,” which resulted in a season-long suspension in 2014, the longest drug-related boot from the sport ever.

However, I’ve got to give the guy some props for his 2015 season, as he has (shockingly) shown flashes of humility at times and newfound love for the game, which I can admire for a dude who has every reason to walk away and just count his gazzilion dollars.


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While Rodriguez has shown that he still has skills, one aspect of his game that he might want to consider working on is his baserunning, because, as you can see in the gif above, the whole half cartwheel into home plate isn’t the prettiest sight I’ve seen on a baseball field.

Of course, I haven’t been on a baseball field since 2003 when I last played in a high school game, so maybe this is just what players are doing nowadays—or it was Rodriguez’s way of avoiding any contact whatsoever, wouldn’t want to give yourself a bruise, A-Rod.

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