Allen Hurns Had A Heartfelt Response To This Letter From A Young Fan Following His Gruesome Injury

allen hurns injury letter

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The Dallas Cowboys eked out a 24-22 win over the Seahawks on Saturday to earn the privilege of taking on the Rams in the next round of the NFL playoffs.

However, the team will be without wide receiver Allen Hurns, who suffered a season-ending injury halfway through the first quarter of the game when his ankle did things ankles aren’t supposed to do during a tackle.

If you’re in the mood to see a really gross thing and suppress the urge to vomit then you can watch the video here or check out this x-ray of the injury.

Hurns was stretchered off the field in an air cast and immediately taken to the hospital, where he underwent surgery to fix that damage that was inflicted.

There was an outpouring of support following Hurns’ injury, and on Sunday, he sent out a tweet thanking everyone for the thoughts and prayers being sent his way.

However, there was one young fan named Luke McSawin who was particularly concerned about Hurns and wrote a letter urging him to persevere through the setback.

If you’re having trouble deciphering the handwriting of an elementary school student, here’s the full letter (I cleaned it up a little bit):

Dear Allen Hurns (#17),

I saw the Cowboys-Seahawks game last night. I saw you got hurt. I heard you are OK. Don’t worry, you have the best doctors in the world. I prayed four times for you. You will get way better shortly.

The tweet eventually caught the attention of Hurns himself, who gave Luke a special shoutout and probably made his life in the process.

Shoutout to Hurns for staying positive in such a crappy situation.

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