This Video Of Allen Iverson Talking Nonsense At The Sixers Game Last Night Deserves All The Oscars

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Allen Iverson looks to be enjoying retirement. The 11-time All-Star attended the Sixers-Hornets last night and was approached by sideline reporter Molly Sullivan for an interview. Little did she know, AI’s shades were covering eyes that were completely shut.

Unintentional Gold:

Here is the transcript of the interview, courtesy of

What do you think about the Sixers and what they’re showing out here on the court?

I love my guys. I love my little dudes. They’re my little guys. I love em.

What brings you to Charlotte?

I live here.

I was talking to you about the best Philadelphia athlete of all time. You said it wouldn’t be you. In terms of where Philadelphia is and where it’s headed, what’s going to be the deal breaker for them to make some noise in the playoffs?

(Long pause) “I would be crazy to say we think we need more. I think we got enough to be competitive like we’ve always been and I just think we have enough. It’s our time. I’m gonna believe that anyway regardless of if I think we need more pieces or whatever. I know we’ve got the best coach in the world. We’ve got the two greatest superstars that we need. We’ve got the great role players we need. I’m wit it. I’m along for the journey. I think we’re going to do something.”

Iverson has every right to sit back and relax after his illustrious 15-year NBA career. Contrary to reports about AI’s financial woes, he ain’t doing bad–Reebok is paying him $800,000 a year for life and set aside $32 million in a trust fund that Iverson will not be able to access until he turns 55 in the year 2030.

Sideline reporter Molly Sullivan tried to pee on our heads and tell us it was raining.

The internet had their own presumptions.

Never change, AI.

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