‘America’s Sweetheart’ Katie Nolan Calls DeMarco Murray The Drunkest Girl At The Party, Tells Puking Story

It’s been a few years since I’ve hung out with ‘America’s Sweetheart’, Katie Nolan, but I still keep in contact with my former co-worker by constantly tweeting nonsensical messages to her about how great pro sports is in Florida (it’s not), and how much Boston sucks. While she may not be responding to my tweets 99.99% of the time I’m still 99.99% certain that she’s reading them, and that’s all that matters. As for that video above it’s Katie at her best: self-deprecating humor that’s taken the form of stories involving Katie getting too drunk and throwing up on things she should not be throwing up on. It’s vintage Katie Nolan, and I love it.

Isn’t it fun that my claim to fame as a blogger is that I used to sit next to America’s Sweetheart, Katie Nolan, in the office? It’s been a few years since we sat at the same table, and I know you’re thinking ‘Cass, you peaked too early!’, but I already know this, so I don’t need you to tell me this. The fact of the matter is that I actually peaked back in 2nd grade when I won both the geography bee AND the spelling bee at my school (for every grade), and haven’t won jack shit since. But don’t despair, I have very high hopes of seeing the leaves change in New England at some point over the next few weeks and coming back to tell the world that I’m the guy who saw 100% PEAK FOLIAGE, and my life will finally be worth something once again.

If you haven’t been keeping up with Katie Nolan and Garbage Time I highly suggest following her on Twitter, YouTube, as well as watching full episodes of Garbage Time HERE.