Hearing Who Andre Iguodala Thinks Should’ve Won The NBA Title Last Year Confuses The Sh*t Outta Me

Andre Iguodala is a very good player on a very great team, the Golden State Warriors. And after the Dubs’ season ended with a crushing defeat in the NBA Finals to the LeBron James-led Cleveland Cavaliers, you’d think he’d give Cleveland the respect they deserved for overcoming a 3-1 deficit to earn the title, right?

Wrong. Because Iggy told Power 105.1 in New York that he thinks the Oklahoma City Thunder deserved to win the title, via ESPN.

“They played us better than anyone,” Iguodala told Power 105.1 radio in New York on Wednesday. “They played us better than Cleveland. Some of the stuff they was doing, it’s like … ‘Oh, man. We gotta play perfect.'”

Uh, what the fuck?

Sure, the Thunder held the same 3-1 series lead over the Warriors that Golden State did on Cleveland in the Finals—forcing them to win every single game to keep their historic season alive—but the Cavs BEAT the Dubs, did Iguodala forget about that?

The one-time All-Star did continue by sucking up to new teammate Kevin Durant, adding this:

“Now that we got KD, I can say it: They were the best team last year in the league in the playoffs,” Iguodala said of OKC. “They were better than us. They were better than Cleveland. They were the best team in the playoffs. They should’ve won a championship.”

After hearing this, you just know that somewhere LeBron’s sitting in a room rubbing his palms together itching at the chance to make Andre choke on his words—again.

Never forget, Iggy.

[H/T Deadspin]