Darren Rovell Gets Dunked On By Andrew Marchand For Scooping News That Is Weeks Old

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  • When it comes to scoops, Darren Rovell always likes to be first.
  • Earlier this week, however, he got dunked all over for reporting “new news” that was almost three weeks old.
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Darren Rovell has taken his Rovell-ness to a new level. On Friday, the 43-year-old scooped news out of ESPN regarding Sunday Night Baseball’s broadcast team.

However, the news had already been scooped.

Here is what Rovell tweeted about what his “sources inside Bristol” had to say:

In response, Andrew Marchand dunked all over Rovell. The New York Post reporter broke the news about Matt Vasgersian’s ousting on October 5th— 17 days prior to Rovell.

Not only was it scooped by Marchand, but Vagersian literally confirmed the report the very next day. He told Marchand that he “decided to call it a wrap on ‘Sunday Night Baseball,'” and said that he “can’t do everything (he) enjoys with MLB Network and the Angels, while still being away for nearly 30 weekends a year.”

That was on October 6th. Rovell reported what his “sources” were saying on October 22nd…

… even though Vagersian already said it himself.

The old scoop led to Marchand absolutely eviscerating Rovell and tweeting this:

Here’s the thing.

Rovell likely received a PR email about the move before everybody else and thought that he had breaking news. But he didn’t and wasn’t even close.

The changes that are set to go on at ESPN had already been reported by Marchand almost three weeks prior. Classic Darren.