Andy Reid Threatened Chiefs Players Ahead Of Rihanna’s Halftime Show

Andy Reid

Getty Image / Gregory Shamus

The Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl but there was just as much buzz surrounding Rihanna’s Halftime performance as well.

Many players leading up to the game publicly pondered catching a glimpse of the show during halftime. However, it sounds like Andy Reid shut that down immediately.

Remember last year when the Cincinnati Bengals kicker stood on the sidelines and watched the Halftime Show? He caught some flack for it, but overall, football fans didn’t seem to care.

Well, according to Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid didn’t want to see any Chiefs players watching Rihanna hit the stage.

During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Mahomes explains how the Chiefs’ head coach threatened he’d bench anybody who watched Rihanna.

That’s one way to keep your team focused. Additionally, it clearly worked as there wasn’t a single Chiefs player on the field in sight. So it sounds like everybody believed Andy Reid when he said that.

But let’s be honest, would Reid really bench Patrick Mahomes if he went and watched Rihanna’s Halftime Show? Or Travis Kelce?

I mean, at the same time it’s hard to even believe the superstar players would choose to watch the halftime performance over discussing the second-half game plan.

In the end, Andy Reid and the Chiefs pulled off the win. But it’s always cool to hear some inside stories from the locker rooms. Especially during the Super Bowl.

So, from this story to Andy Reid admitting one of his play calls is named “Corn Dog,” this Super Bowl is already chock full of great stories.