Angel Hernandez Goes Viral Again For Another Awful Call

Angel Hernandez on the field before the start of a game.

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Angel Hernandez did Angel Hernandez things again over the weekend and he’s now going viral for another awful call. This time around, he missed an obvious ball/strike call in a game between the Braves and Giants.

Baseball fans immediately took to social media to roast the oft ridiculed umpire. The internet was not kind to the repeat offender.

The scene was set on Sunday in Atlanta where a potential National League playoff preview unfolded at Truist Park. The Braves and Giants squared off with Hernandez finding himself behind the dish.

Now, for those who have followed the MLB even casually over the years, you’ve likely heard the umpire’s name a time or two. He’s often in the headlines for blown calls as he’s become the point and case for making the switch to robo-umps.

On Sunday, his name was trending once again.

In this instance, Hernandez was seen calling a strike on a Max Fried pitch that looked far outside the zone. Not only did the off-speed pitch appear to be off the plate, but it also looked to be above the letters.

You can be the judge.

The baseball world was quick to respond to the missed call.

Par for the course at this point.

According to Codify Baseball, Hernandez has been the worst ball/strike umpire this season, with his miss rate being nearly a full percentage point higher than the next closest blue.

This latest blown call won’t help that accuracy rate.