Angel Reese Stats Prove She’s The Best Rebounder In WNBA Even After You Remove Rebounds She’s Gotten From Catching Her Own Misses

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Angel Reese is the best rebounder in the WNBA by far, and it’s not solely because she catches her own misses.

For the past few weeks, fans have accused Reese of padding her rebounding stats by catching her own misses under the basket.

The Sporting News’ Stephen Noh took a deep dive into Reese’s rebounding stats and discovered that Reese would still lead the league in offensive rebounding if you removed the rebounds from her own misses.

Via Sporting News

There is some validity to the criticisms of Reese’s game. She does miss a lot of shots — she’s shot just 41.8 percent from the field through July 9. She also rebounds a lot of her own misses.

But here’s the important nuance that her critics are missing: even if you subtract all of the rebounds that she got from herself, she would still be leading the WNBA in offensive rebounding.

Reese will likely continued to get mocked for not shooting well, but it’s clear that she’s just really great at rebounding the basketball.

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