Study Finds Which Group Of Sports Fans Are The Angriest On Twitter

angriest fans in sports


Twitter is filled with positivity and extremely reasonable opinions, said no one ever.

The corner of social media occupied by sports, just like every other corner of the Internet, can be extremely insightful and positive one second then one of the most depressing and infuriating things you could ever imagine the very next second. But hey, it’s social and it’s media, there’s going to be conflict and anger.

Sports Twitter is fantastic when it comes to breaking news and keeping up with commentary of specific events going on. It’s become more fun to read Twitter during Super Bowl halftime shows than watching the show itself just for the jokes and memes. Having said that, anger can also take over whenever something controversial arises, your favorite team loses, or an official makes an abysmal call.

Every sport has angry fans and every sport has angry fans that let out said anger on Twitter, but which group of fans are actually the angriest?

OnlineGambling conducted a study in which they took data from BuzzSumo and analyzed social reactions on Twitter to each sport to find out which group of fans interacts with the most anger.

The angriest sports fans on Twitter:

  1. Golf – 42%
  2. Soccer – 28%
  3. Baseball – 26%
  4. NFL – 21%
  5. Boxing 19%
  6. Formula One, Ice Hockey ,Darts – 13%
  7. Cycling 11%
  8. Rugby, NBA – 9%
  9. Tennis – 8%
  10. Cricket – 4%

You may not think that golf Twitter would be filled with too much anger, but as someone that’s well entrenched in that corner of Twitter, I can confirm that anger is a common theme week in and week out. I imagined soccer would take the top spot in these anger standings before looking at the findings, but apparently, soccer fans aren’t even close to golf fans on the scale of anger.

The study also looked at the happiest fans on Twitter and interestingly enough, boxing fans lead the charge in that category followed by soccer fans and then golf fans.