Antonio Brown Continues His ‘No More White Women 2020’ Campaign By Trying To Get His Baby Mama Chelsie Kryiss Arrested

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Antonio Brown is having a pretty eventful week after he declared “no more white women 2020′ on Twitter.

Over the weekend police showed up to AB’s house because his baby mama Chelsie Kryiss wanted to pick up some clothes for her kids without extra drama.

(Via TMZ Sports )

Antonio Brown was greeted with at least three police squad cars this AM — all because his baby mama didn’t think it’d be a good idea to pick up their kid’s clothes by herself.

According to law enforcement sources, we’re told this was at the request of one of AB’s baby mamas — who put in a request with Hollywood PD to have them there for a “civil standby” as she picked up some clothes from him, which belonged to a child they share.

Brown is now angry with Kryiss and is trying to report the Bentley he gave her as “stolen” but the police refuse to cooperate.

(Update Twitter deleted the last two posts because Brown included an address where Kryiss was staying at)

Last week Kryiss threatened to ruin Brown’s “entire life” but has since backed off.

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