Antonio Brown Brings Attention Back To Himself By Dropping New Video Describing NFL’s Sexual Assault Investigation

Antonio Brown drops new video on YouTube discussing the NFL's investigation

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Antonio Brown continues to crave attention now that he’s out of the NFL, with the embattled wide receiver turning to social media and his YouTube channel to get eyeballs in order to keep himself relevant as he hopes for a return to the league. Whether or not that happens is up in the air, but, at the very least, AB’s doing what he can to make sure his name doesn’t just fade away.

Following the NFL’s investigation into his serious sexual assault allegations — which occurred in the past week or so — Antonio Brown made sure he sent a message to all fans out there that he’s still working his way back; and, if it’s up to him, he’ll be on the field during the 2019 season. Of course, Brown doesn’t have much say in the matter, as teams seem to be weighing what to do next with the talented wideout once more info is released.

In the meantime, take a look at Brown’s most recent YouTube video, which shows him working out, and answering the question about whether or not he’s still planning a return to the league this season.

You have to give Antonio Brown credit, because the guy definitely knows how to stir up conversation. Whether it was his tweet last week about feeling guilty before being proven innocent (below), or offering up his services to Colin Kaepernick during the controversial quarterback’s workout this past weekend, Brown is definitely utilizing his time off as a way to continue to mock some of the issues going on in the NFL.

That may not be the best course of action to return to the league, but, hey, all it takes is one team to take a chance on the All-Pro wideout, and, as Antonio Brown proved during his one game with the New England Patriots before being released, he’s got plenty of skills that can help a team win games this year. But if he keeps playing the victim card over and over will he ever even get a chance? Only time will tell, because most teams try to avoid such drama in the locker room if possible; no matter how talented the player might be.

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