Antonio Brown’s Long-Time Trainer Quits, Trashes Him On The Way Out Calling Him ‘Bad Business’

antonio brown trainer bo smith quits

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Steelers star Antonio Brown is arguably the best wide receiver in the NFL. (I said ARGUABLY.) However, his life off the field has been nothing short of a soap opera over the past year or so.

First, his baby mama put him on blast for allegedly leaving her for his side chick. Then he left his sidechick and went back to his baby mama and so the sidechick put him on blast.

Brown also had a very nasty and public split with his personal chef who also happened to be one of his close friends.

Then, back in January, it was his coach Mike Tomlin ripping into him for posting a Facebook Live video from the team’s locker room (which Brown may or may not have gotten paid to do).

And now, Brown’s long-time personal trainer Bo Smith has publicly decided to part ways with the perennial Pro Bowl wide receiver.

“After 🙏🏿Prayer & 🗣Talks with my Mentor’s • I will no longer be Training, involved or associated with @ab Never again! I’ve learned to walk away from anything or anyone that THREATENS my PEACE of MIND • SLEF-RESPECT • VALUES • MORALS or SELF WORTH… My Personal Training Service is NOW Available for all NFL, College & High school athletes & anyone who wants to achieve GREATNESS! #TRAINLIKEAPRO #TRAINWITHAPRO #TRAINED2GO #TEAMBO #BOKNOWZ #LETSGOO • The whole WORLD 🌎 has witness ME Train you, inspire you, motivate you & have your best interest in LIFE to be great! 👍🏿 good luck without me!”

According to TMZ, Smith also wrote this on Instagram…

“I had to walk away & remove myself from the bulls**t! Be a MAN of your WORD and own up to your WRONGS as a MAN should, Communication is KEY!”

Hmmm…I wonder what exactly Smith could be referring to here?

Smith also tagged Brown in this post by Deion Sanders sending an obvious message…

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#Message @ab #BOKOWZ

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Even with losing Brown as a client, Smith will still be fine as he has also worked with players like Chad Johnson, Andre Johnson, Geno Smith and Santana Moss in his career as a trainer.

As for how Brown will do without Smith? I guess we’ll all find out very soon.