An Argentinian News Broadcast Held A Very Awkward Minute Of Silence After Its World Cup Loss To Croatia

Gabriel Rossi/Getty Images

Forty four million people in Argentina collectively sobbed yesterday when Croatia drubbed its national team, 3-0. After tying with Iceland in its first match, Lionel Messi and Argentina have just one point through two games and are at the bottom of Group D with a -3 goal differential.

The country of Argentina should be obligated to vacuum-seal its fine beef over to Nigeria after the Nigerians beat Iceland today by a score of 2-0, helping Argentina immensely. If Argentina beats Nigeria in the final group game, it would finish ahead of Nigeria and would qualify. That is unless Iceland beats Croatia and finishes ahead of Argentina on goal differential. A lot of moving parts.

In any event, Argentina isn’t out and no one should be prematurely digging their graves. Not even BroBible’s own Cass Anderson.

Check out this Argentine news broadcast that held a minute of silence after their team’s loss to Croatia.

Absurd. It’s not like this is the World Cup or anything and happens every four years.

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