Arian Foster Took To Instagram To Bid Farewell To Texans Fans And Did So In Such An Awesomely Sincere Way

The Houston Texans released Arian Foster after seven pretty eventful seasons, especially when you take into account the fact that the guy wasn’t even drafted. While it’s no secret the Texans haven’t exactly been postseason heroes, it’s not exactly Foster’s fault that he was forced to spend many a season with Matt Schaub as his starting quarterback.

But Foster’s run is over, at least in Houston, and he closed this chapter in just about the classiest, most sincere way possible.


The opening right off the bat pretty much speaks to the determination. He told his mom he wasn’t coming home? Gotta love it.

Foster sounds like an NFL football player who houses some rare depth. His only issue is his blatant disregard for capitalizing words.

this ride has had a multitude of ups and downs, but perspective is key. I’ve got 7 years of beautiful memories with teammates, staff and coaches I’ll never forget. thank you all for being a part of this journey. people that I call friends and brothers have all contributed to the success of what we did on the field, and also to the person that I am off. with everything in me, I love and respect the men and women you are. you are a part of me for good. and to the city of houston, I genuinely appreciate every ounce of love I’ve ever gotten.from seeing a small kid to an 80 year old man wear my jersey. I never took it for granted. we’re all just guessing our way through life, being the best people we can, and the people of this city have put a lot of joy in the hearts of my self and my family. onward we march, it’s been real. nothing but love on this end

Damn. Dude brought it¬†straight from the heart. Naturally, the first comment was impressively stupid: “Why don’t you believe in God?”

Whatever. The internet’s gonna internet. Onto the next. Because I doubt this is the last of it for Arian Foster.


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