The Arizona Cardinals Get Trolled For Trying To Give Phoenix A New Official Nickname

The Arizona Cardinals Get Trolled For Trying To Give Phoenix A New Official Nickname

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  • The Arizona Cardinals released their 2022 NFL Draft hype video and tried to give their home city of Phoenix a new nickname
  • The Cardinals tried to rebrand Phoenix aka Valley of the Sun as ‘Bird City’ and everyone knows what happens when you try and give yourself a nickname
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Everyone knows you can’t give yourself a nickname. It doesn’t work. A proper nickname has to be bestowed upon you otherwise you come off looking like the ultimate try hard just like the Arizona Cardinals here who tried to rebrand their hometown (Phoenix, not Glendale).

The Arizona Cardinals call Phoenix home and Phoenix already has a nickname, the Valley of the Sun. This video from the Cardinals says “in my of our neighborhoods, locals have a nickname for their hometown” and proceed to claim that people are out there in the wild calling Phoenix ‘Bird City’.

This is a blatant lie. Just Google it. If anyone anywhere was calling Phoenix ‘Bird City’ there’d be a paper trail somewhere but the first hit on Google about the official bird of the city of Phoenix which isn’t even a cardinal!

There is an old Urban Dictionary definition for Phoenix as ‘Bird City’ and honestly, given that’s the only real instance of it being used online I’m going with the Arizona Cardinals jacked this fake nickname from Urban Dictionary. Their video’s actually pretty decent aside from the fact that it’s as try hard as it gets.

The Arizona Cardinals Get Trolled For Trying To Give Phoenix A New Official Nickname

If any city in America is ‘Bird City’ it’s Baltimore. I don’t care if Baltimore already has the nickname ‘Charm City’ because they’ve got two bird teams, the Ravens and the Orioles. They can just sit on the ‘Bird City’ nickname forever i they want like someone who squats on domain and usernames. It’s theirs for however long they want it and Phoenix needs to move on.

Cardinals Fans Were Confused By ‘Bird City’ And Let The Team Hear It

‘Bird City’ isn’t the worst name. I’m not knocking it as a nickname. You just simply cannot make things up and act like it’s a real thing…

Partial Bitcoin Owner is right. This was way too corny. The Arizona Cardinals took a swing here and they just missed the ball.

The Arizona Cardinals hold the 23rd overall NFL Draft pick followed by the 55th, 87th, 201th, 215th, 242nd, 256th, and 257th. I’m sure Kyler Murray would be AMPED if they got him some stud wide targets to throw the ball to this season and honestly I have no idea what their NFL Draft needs/strategy will be, I just know you can’t give yourself a nickname.