A Rough Year For The Arizona Coyotes Gets Worse After New Accusations Surface

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It’s been a rough few years/decade/existence for the Arizona Coyotes, the embattled NHL franchise that may be on the verge of relocating after voters in the city it currently calls home roundedly rejected a referendum to construct a new arena for the team.

As things currently stand, the ‘Yotes will once again be playing their home games next season at Mullett Arena, the 5,000-seat venue on the campus of Arizona State University where they were essentially forced to set up shop after almost being evicted from their former barn in the middle of a season.

Arizona does have a major ally in hits corner courtesy of Gary Bettman, who has been determined to make the Coyotes catch on in the state during his time as commissioner.

However, they’ve become his equivalent of fetch, as he refuses to stop trying to make it happen despite the many signs the universe has sent his way to strongly suggest it’s not in the cards.

The fact that the Coyotes were forced to share an arena with a college hockey team wasn’t exactly a great look for the team, and while the unique nature of the relatively tiny building meant it gave some hockey fans extra incentive to make the trip to a game, the guys who were forced to play the bulk of their season there were reportedly less than thrilled with the accommodations.

However, according to The New York Post, their complaints weren’t limited to the subpar experience they were subjected to in Tempe, as the outlet reports the NHLPA also fielded multiple complaints from players who asserted the franchise repeatedly violated the collective bargaining agreement thanks to the “sub-standard travel, lodging and logistical issues” that allegedly reared their ugly head over the course of the regular season.

You obviously have to feel for Coyotes fans who’d prefer to see the team remain where they are, but the writing on the wall is becoming impossible to ignore.

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