Arizona State’s Mascot Jumped On A Guy’s Back And, Oops, The School Might Have A Huge Medical Bill To Pay For



Sports mascots are hired to do one thing, get the crowd as hyped the fuck up as possible, at times, putting their own lives in danger all for the sake of some applause, laughs and fan entertainment.

The Arizona State Sun Devils mascot, Sparky, was just trying to do the job he was asked to do during one of the school’s football games earlier this season, photobombing a picture that Tempe councilman David Schapira was taking with the field in the background by jumping on his back.


No big deal, right? Well… the story isn’t what it seems. That’s because Schapira had just had back surgery a couple months prior, so Sparky hopping onto the councilman’s backside caused some more damage, putting the poor dude back on the mend with a back injury that will require six months to heal—and David Schapira wants ASU to pay the $120,000 bill!


Tempe Councilman David Schapira has filed a claim against ASU over injuries he sustained during the halftime ceremony at the football game against the University of New Mexico on September 18.

“A moment after he landed squarely on my back, I felt a pop in my lower back,” Schapira wrote in his claim. “I tried to push Sparky off as my wife and others yelled to him to get off …. I then sat down and eventually laid down on the ground as I could feel muscles in my back start to spasm,” wrote Schapira, who continues to walk with a cane.”

Following the incident, Schapira was moved to a local hospital where he spent four days out of commission. At least he doesn’t seem to have too many hard feelings towards the kid dressed as the devil, though, saying:

“Am I mad? No. I feel really bad for the kid. I’ve known someone who was Sparky before and I know a lot of times it’s an undergraduate student. I feel bad for him cause he felt bad.”

Poor kid, he was just trying to rep the mascot community the best way he could.

[H/T FTW.USAToday]

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