Aroldis Chapman Looks Absolutely YOKED Right Now, So Every MLB Batter Should Fear The Yankees Closer Even More

New York Yankees close Aroldis Chapman is absolutely jacked up this offseason and showed off his muscles on Twitter

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Aroldis Chapman of the New York Yankees is already one of the most lethal closers in the big leagues, with the lanky left-hander capable of throwing a baseball through a brick wall at speeds of 100+ miles per hour. As terrifying as it has to be standing in the batter’s box a mere 60 feet and 6 inches away from that has to be, once baseball is back following its hiatus and postponed start date due to the current pandemic, opposing players will probably be shaking in the knees even more when facing Chapman this year.

That’s because a photo is circulating around the Internet of Aroldis looking more like a GD NFL defensive end than a MLB pitcher, with the Yankees closer taking to Instagram to show-off exactly what he’s been doing while in isolation β€” and it’s lifting lots and lots of heavy weights.

Just take a look below at the image that’s gaining so much attention.

My fucking goodness, Aroldis Chapman looks like he’s been lifting houses over his head to add bulk this offseason. He looks like he’s been wrestling bears. He looks like he’s put balloons in his arms. OK, you get the point, the dude is jacked AF right now, and it’s terrifying for anyone who has seen the image β€” just look at what some on Twitter had to say about the transformation from the Yankees closer.

Based off of Aroldis Chapman’s IG feed β€” which includes loads of videos and pics of him lifting a bunch this offseason β€” we probably shouldn’t be too surprised that the closer added bulk. But to see him now compared to a few months ago is terrifying, with his left arm looking swole and ready to throw a baseball harder than anyone ever has before. With just one image, Chapman has scared the living hell out of every batter who might face him this season, so this is your warning.

(H/T Larry Brown Sports)

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