This Interview With Ezekiel Elliott About His Growing Maturity Level Off The Field Certainly Didn’t Age Well

Recent Article About Ezekiel Elliott Maturity Level Didnt Age Well

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“What is it about you that has allowed you to take the next step, not just as a player, but as a person? Because no one I talked to has anything else to say except, ‘Wow, Zeke’s maturity level is just off the charts now.'”

That’s how the CBS-DFW reporter began his interview this past weekend with Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott.

Less than 24 hours later, this happened

While no charges were filed following the altercation at a music festival in Las Vegas, Elliott was banned from the venue and caught on camera shoving a security guard before being handcuffed by police – not really the type of thing that typically happens to mature people.

“It doesn’t take long being around the two-time NFL rushing champion to know he’s come a long way in his maturity off the field since he was drafted,” reads the caption on the CBS-DFW video and the accompanying article.

“Came into this league really young, had a lot to learn… I got those boo boos. I messed up a couple of times, and I learned from my mistakes… it made me a better person,” Elliott added in the interview.

The Dallas Morning News also followed up on the interview with Elliott with a story of their own talking about his maturity on Monday. A story which now begins, “Editor’s note: This story has been updated following video surfacing of Ezekiel Elliott being handcuffed, but not reportedly arrested, at a music festival in Vegas over the weekend.”

Whoops. Talk about your bad timing.