Hilarious Press Box Play-By-Play Unfolds As Two Braves Fans Get Wrecked By Security After Running On Field

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  • A rain delay between the Cardinals and Braves on Monday resulted in the best moment of the night.
  • Two fans ran onto the field while the tarp was over the diamond and proceeded to get rocked.
  • The commentary from the press box as the cat-and-mouse chase occurred is hilarious.

The Fourth of July and baseball goes hand-in-hand. In fact, it’s a shock that Major League Baseball does not own the holiday more than it does.

With the NBA Finals and Stanley Cup over and football a few weeks away, it’s baseball’s time to shine. Or, in the case of Monday’s game between the Atlanta Braves and Saint Louis Cardinals, it was the security guards’ time to shine while the sun did not.

As the two NL teams tried to take the field on Independence Day, things quickly took a turn as heavy rains moved in and the tarp came on around 9:00pm ET.

And then it kept raining and kept raining…

Until about 11:00pm ET when the grounds crew finally came onto the field and rolled away the tarp.

After getting back to the action, things finally wrapped up around 1:00am ET and the Braves won the game 6-3.

However, that was not the biggest moment of the evening. It was the (loose definition) streakers during the Braves/Cardinals rain delay.

Just before 10:00pm ET, two fans decided to create some entertainment of their own as they waited for the rain to pass through. With the tarp still on the field, they hopped the fence and took off across the outfield.

Video of the two rogue fans, though short, is hilarious.

One fan, wearing a white shirt, takes a direct line in right field and tries to outrun one of the rain jacket-wearing security guards. It does not go well and the fan gets rocked.

Meanwhile, in the outfield just beyond the second base path, the other fan does a quick dance and shuffle before getting chased toward centerfield. Eventually, another security guard without a rain jacket comes flying in across the tarp and lays out the second fan as well.

The entire thing is electric, but it is the commentary from the press box that really makes it special, take a look:

The two fans, of course, were led off of the field and reportedly have been banned for life.

Surely, as they got escorted out, there were cries of “I’M SORRY, I THOUGHT THIS WAS AMERICA!” but no such claim has been confirmed. It’s just the right thing to say on the 4th of July.