Atlanta Falcons Eagerly Tweet That Matt Schaub Is Back And The Fans Hate It SO MUCH

Guess who’s back, Falcons fans? Matt Schaub! In a day that saw oodles of crazy, unexpected NFL moves, like Brock Osweiler signing with Houston, a former Texans “legend” has found yet another team to latch onto and, ultimately, disappoint.

That’s right, Matt Schaub has made his triumphant return to the Atlanta Falcons even though most NFL fans had long forgotten he was ever there to begin with.

To refresh your collective memories, Schaub played three seasons in the ATL, throwing 6 TDs and 6 picks, earning him the right to start for Houston the following season. In hindsight, that move sadly made PERFECT sense. And well, let’s just say the overly excited tweet from the official Falcons Twitter account did not go over well with fans.

It’s safe to say that most of the responses were of a very candid nature:

One Texans fan was nice enough to warn the forthcoming pain should he ever take a snap:

The positivity was almost too overwhelming to process:

This one obviously speaks for itself. And does so quite well, I might add:

No, subtlety did not exist in this thread. At all:

If you’ve seen Schaub try and play football, it’s hard to argue with this succinct reaction:

Oh so fitting and very symbolic that there’s another pick-6 comment. And highly doubtful it was the last:

LOL? Yup. Pretty much:

But with every negative shot taken, sincerity managed to find its way through the clutter:

Now let’s end this one properly:

You can always count on Nelson Muntz to provide the proper finisher.

The question that remains, however, is why make such a big deal out of signing a backup — TWICE — when you already have a big name starting quarterback? The definitive answer: Who the fuck knows.

Nonetheless, from our exceedingly sincere hearts to yours, congratulations, Falcon fans!


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