The Atlanta Hawks Hired REAL People Named Ashley Madison To Help Sell Tickets And It’s Ingenious

You’ve really got to hand it to the Atlanta Hawks for thinking WAY outside of the box in order to boost the team’s ticket sales for the upcoming NBA season.

As most of us know, the team struggled mightily in getting people to actually show up to their home games, pulling out all the tricks they can for people to see a team that won 60 games and went to the Eastern Conference Finals last year.

Remember, this is the same franchise that had a Tinder Night last season, which matched people together inside of the arena in the most awkward and most amazing way possible. Honestly, that might have been my favorite, cheesy sports team promotion ever.

According to the team’s CEO Steve Koonin, as reported by ESPN:

“We were talking about how we wanted people to have a love affair with us, and we thought this was a playful way to do it. Everyone thought it was a good idea, which actually scared me.”

Well, the Hawks are at it again, as they just released the parody video that’s making fun of the whole Ashley Madison scandal, where the system was hacked and exposed all those who had a little booty call on the side.

Actually hiring three people REALLY named Ashley Madison, the team showcased the Ashley’s in a video with the hope that it will deliver a “new love affair” with the team and, of course, help sell season ticket packages.

Who cares that the cheating site is ruining people’s lives, if it helps sell basketball tickets, it’s fair game to mimic.


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