Attorney Predicts Roger Goodell Will Lose His Job During Jon Gruden’s Lawsuit Against The NFL

  • A judge announced Jon Gruden’s leaked emails lawsuit against the NFL could go forward.
  • One attorney predicts NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will lose his during the discovery portion of the trial.
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Jon Gruden’s lawsuit against the NFL could get messy, and one attorney believes it could cost NFL commissioner Roger Goodell his job.

Last week a judge ruled that Gruden’s lawsuit, in which he claims the league leaked emails in a “malicious campaign” to get him fired, could proceed as planned.

Now that the lawsuit is moving forward, there’s a good chance that Gruden and his lawyers will seek the release of more information from the NFL in discovery.

While commenting on the case for Sports Illustrated’s Raider Maven, Las Vegas attorney Sam Mirejovsky of the Sam & Ash Law Firm believes Goodell could lose his job when the lawsuit goes into the discovery phase.

Via Raider Maven

I predict that this suit will ultimately cost Goodell his job. With adversaries like Gruden and Davis, Goodell faces a discovery effort that will look to uncover evidence of Goodell’s own wrongdoing. In today’s digital world — the same one that hung Gruden out to dry — I find it inconceivable that there isn’t SOMETHING out there that could kill Goodell’s career. Perhaps an unflattering email? A disparaging text about a group of powerful owners? Sexist or racist comments? Evidence of an affair? Misuse of NFL funds? Yes, the scope of discovery is limited to the case at hand but the discovery has a way of finding all the skeletons.