Aubrey Huff Mocks LeBron James For Carrying A ‘Purse’, Gets Instantly Reminded About The Time He Said He Wore His Wife’s Underwear

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Former SF Giants first baseman Aubrey Huff is not a fan of LeBron James.

On Sunday night, Huff mocked the NBA star and said he wasn’t manly for “carrying a purse” with his pregame outfits.

Things didn’t end well for Huff as he was immediately reminded about that time he wore his wife’s underwear during the 2010 playoffs.

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While those are interesting, the superstition that is the most tantalizing of 2010 has to go to Aubrey Huff. He admitted back in September that he started wearing his wife’s red thong underwear in hopes it would get him out of a hitting slump.

With 30 games left in the season, he declared that the power of the thong would be good enough to get the team 20 wins. And darned if they didn’t get exactly 20 wins, which was just enough to get them to the post-season.

The piece of lingerie has been dubbed the Rally Thong and is now part of the Giants anthem.

Of course, others piled on Huff for his hot take on LeBron.