Awful Eagles Fans Cyberbullied Disabled 13-Year-Old Superfan Off Twitter Because He Wore Carson Wentz’s Colts Jersey

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Eagles fans appear to have stooped to a new low on Twitter.

On Wednesday, well-known Eagles superfan Giovanni Hamilton, who went viral just a few months ago when he uploaded an emotional video after Carson Wentz got traded, posted a pair of photos on Twitter wearing Wentz’s new Colts jersey after the QB sent it to him as a gift.

Despite the fact that Gio is only 13-years-old and disabled, some Eagles fans still decided to cyberbully him for wearing the jersey.

According to Gio’s parents, one Eagles fan went as far as to say that he wanted to break Gio’s kneecaps for wearing the Wentz Colts jersey.

Several users were banned by Twitter for bullying Gio but it’s probably a good idea for him to stay off social media for a bit because people can’t stop being assholes.

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