Ayesha Curry Unleashes An Epic Twitter Rant Over The Officiating During Game 6 Of NBA Finals

The NBA Finals just got so real, guys. After the Cleveland Cavs went off and won Game 6 to force a do-or-die seventh game against the Golden State Warriors, the Dubs let their guard down, as Stephen Curry got so pissed off that he threw his mouthguard—which hit a fan—as he got booted.

His wife, Ayesha Curry, didn’t seem to like the call… or any call for that matter, unleashing on the NBA and its officiating with this Twitter post:

Not sure if the girl was hacked or actually just that livid, but, after things went down tonight by seeing Golden State lose their cool, it sure does make the entire franchise look like a bunch of crybabies.

The tweet was deleted 15 minutes later.

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