Ayesha Curry Tries To Explain That ‘Rigged For Money’ Tweet She Sent During The NBA Finals


Stephen Curry’s wife, Ayesha Curry, probably knew that the second she hit the “Send” button on Twitter following Game 6 of this year’s NBA Finals that the world would never forget her words.

And now Ayesha’s trying to explain what happened.

In an interview with People, here’s what she said her thought process was during that night.

“I was just a fan in that moment so I didn’t think about the ramifications,” she says. “I regret the way that I voiced how hurt I was. I felt hurt for [Steph], and I didn’t mean to offend anybody. Obviously, what I wrote is not what I think about what he does for a living.”

That’s good and all, but with over 637,000 current followers on Twitter, Ayesha probably should have thought her words would ruffle some feathers—which, a mere minutes later, she realized, as she deleted this tweet that called the NBA a “rigged” league.



While it looked bad in the midst of a Game 6 blowout where the Dubs unraveled and let down their championship guard, the league’s reigning two-time MVP still supported his wife, telling this to People.

“I know her intentions. I know where she was coming from,” he tells PEOPLE. “You’re not going to win any battles on Twitter, so I tell her, ‘Keep being you. Keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t worry about what people are going to say. No matter who you are, they are going to try to find something to try to get under your skin and make you be somebody you’re not.’”

Still, with all the bashing on social media since, Ayesha sounds a little defeated.

“Since all this hoopla has happened, I have been a victim of reading the comments,” she says. “It hurts my feelings because I didn’t intend to hurt anybody. I apologized for it, and I feel like people should move on. There’s a lot more serious things going on in the world.”

Being a fan is cool with everyone, but when cheering comes off as whiny and from the wife of one of the best players in the league, there aren’t too many people who are going to feel sorry for Ayesha Curry.

[H/T FOX Sports]

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