Someone Built A ‘Back To The Future’ DeLorean Golf Cart For You To Go Back In Time And Erase That Triple Bogey

What separates professional golfers and amateurs, other than they are really good and we’re saddled by our loft (lack of fucking talent), is that they can overcome disaster. They can card a triple bogey on the first hole of the round and say, “Fuck it, I’ll birdie three of the next eight holes and make the turn at even par.

About 10 years ago, I played in a pro-am where lower level pros were playing for an actual prize (I think it was $10,000) and the amateurs (me and my pops) were trying to win the member portion tournament. On the very first hole — a dogleg par five with water along the entire left side of the hole and OB on the right — one of the pros we were playing with duck-hooked his drive into the water and carded a triple. He looked at us after the hole and said, “that’s the last one of those you’ll see today.” And it was. Dude shot 6 under over the next 17 holes, from the tips of a 7,300 yard course. Meanwhile, I got a double bogey on the fifth or sixth hole and my shit fell apart. What I’m saying is: I would pay a substantial sum of money for this DeLorean golf cart. If it were real…

According to Golf News Net:

David Heykants of Dual Divisions and Lucas Evanochko were asked to build the care in support of Red Deer College’s 30th annual golf tournament in Canada.

Heykants did the work of transforming the body of the golf cart so that it looked like the DeLorean Motor Company beauty, doing lots of custom metal work, including building the grill and outfitting the back of the cart, including the imprinted radiation warning sign. The duo then equipped the ride with a dashboard-mounted set of lit-up buttons just as they’re found in the Michael J. Fox classic which, when pressed, play back catchphrases and lines from the movie. Evanochko added a velcro mount for a 7-inch tablet to control music, which is played through a pair of Panasonic home theater speakers mounted inside the cart.

The DMC-12 cart also has its own flux capacitor that doubles as a cup or bottle holder. Electric blue lights that probably can attract and kill insects at night are on board.

Outstanding work.

For more photos, head over to GNN.