Roughing The Passer Penalty Strikes Again After Raiders’ Arden Key Gets Penalized For Barely Touching Baker Mayfield

by 6 months ago

Last week, Packers defensive star Clay Matthews blasted the NFL and said the league was getting soft with the way their calling “roughing the passer” this season.

Obviously I don’t agree wit it again. I understand the spirit of the rule but when you have a hit like that, That’s a football play … Unfortunately the league is going in a direction that a lot of people don’t like. You know I think they’re getting soft, the only thing they do hard is levy fines on guys like me who play the game hard. “I respect the rule, I just think they’re going in the wrong direction with this,

During today’s Raiders-Browns game, football fans were once again up in arms when Arden Key was penalized for barely touching Baker Mayfield.

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