Colin Cowherd Responds To Baker Mayfield, Browns Taking Shot At Him With Playoff-Clinching Call

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For those who aren’t aware of the Colin Cowherd vs Baker Mayfield beef, all you really have to know is that they can’t stand each other. Mayfield has appeared on “The Herd” and from the moment he sat down on the show back in 2018, things just got downright awkward.

The beef has gone on since then and Mayfield decided to take a jab at the sports personality before leading the Browns to their first playoff game since 2002 by naming a play after Cowherd on Cleveland’s playoff-clinching play against the Steelers.

The Browns ran a play named ‘Maserati’ on 3rd & 2 with 1:10 left in which Mayfield rushed for a first down to ice the game. The name of the play is a reference to something Cowherd said about the quarterback back in 2018.

Cowherd responded to Mayfield and the Browns’ gesture on “The Herd” on Monday.

“The news today just tickles my little soul, one of the final plays of the games by the Browns was called Maserati. He called it because when he got drafted I said that he was more ‘Mazda’ than ‘Maserati,'” Cowherd explained.

“They had a little play with Baker running around, you know they always tell you that they don’t listen. I think I am back supporting Baker Mayfield. The fact that he does that, that is great. I love it, I love that he did it, and I love that it became public. I love that Baker Mayfield called a play Maserati because I called him a Mazda. We don’t do stuff like that much on the show for that to happen but once it does, we are going to acknowledge that we love it.”

Although the odds are stacked against Cleveland to make a deep playoff push, you have to wonder if Mayfield got the last laugh. He was widely criticized for his sub-par season a year ago by more critics than just Cowherd. He has now led the Browns to an 11-5 record and given his team a shot at finally being winners again.