FS1’s Jason Smith Gave A Scathing Hot Take About Baker Mayfield, So The Browns QB Gave The Simplest Reply Back

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Baker Mayfield is the F’in man. Am I biased? Obviously, I grew up just outside Cleveland, have been a diehard Cleveland Browns fan my entire life and transitioned from loving the f*ck out of LeBron James to loving the f*ck out of Baker. Hell, this year’s No. 1 overall pick is even my screensaver on my cell phone, so he’s made an impression.

Outside of his play — which helped the Browns go from zero wins to an impressive seven in 2018 — Baker Mayfield has an attitude and confidence about him that shows he doesn’t take sh*t from anyone. It’s part of the reason he plays with a chip on his shoulder, while showing that he doesn’t care what other people think about him.

The latest example of that came today, when, after Fox Sports 1’s Jason Smith laid into Baker Mayfield, the first-year quarterback replied with a simple tweet back. Here’s what Smith had to say about Baker Mayfield on the radio, per The Spun.

“Coaching Baker Mayfield is not something appeals to the successful head coach,” Smith said on the radio. “Coaching Baker Mayfield is something that appeals to someone who needs a chance somewhere to be a head coach and may not get it anywhere else.”

Smith would go on to cite Mayfield’s issues with Hue Jackson as a red flag for any potential head coach. His co-host Mike Harmon called Mayfield “petty, hateful and vindictive,” though both conceded that Jackson did not do a good job and deserved to be fired and Smith said Mayfield is “really good.”

“If I get this job, I am signing up for the Baker Mayfield show,” Smith continued. “Baker Mayfield has already proven to be the most powerful person in that organization. He’s got one coach fired already, and whatever it is, everybody is behind him.”

This opinion didn’t really sit too well with Baker Mayfield. And, because it’s him, his reply to the whole comment from Jason Smith deserved enough attention as a lion trying to be attacked by a lamb.

Sure, Baker Mayfield might be the most powerful athlete in Cleveland right now, with an entire franchise forced to cater to him, but, guess what, other superstars require the exact same treatment. Baker obviously understands the game that Smith is trying to play here — the radio host is trying to keep and build an audience — so it’s funny how he gives the entire thing little attention. It’s similar to what he’s done with Colin Cowherd over the past year, too. Remember this tweet from the Cleveland Browns QB on Christmas Day?

These types of things are exactly why Baker Mayfield is the man, because he doesn’t let some BS comments from talking heads get to him. Instead, he just plays the game back.

(H/T The Spun)

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