Baker Mayfield Trolls The Hell Out Of Texas And The Big 12 Following News That ‘Horns Down’ Gesture Will Be Penalized

baker mayfield trolls texas horns down

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  • Baker Mayfield reacted in style to the latest news out of the Big 12 about the ‘Horns Down’ gesture.
  • The former Oklahoma Sooner trolled Texas in a major way on social media.
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Baker Mayfield likes to have fun, we all know this, so when news broke about the Big 12 cracking down on players using the ‘Horns Down’ gesture, it’s no surprise that he reacted accordingly.

Earlier in the week, Big 12 coordinator Greg Burks made some interesting comments about players using the ‘Horns Down’ gesture this season, essentially saying that players probably shouldn’t throw the sign when playing against Texas.

“If you do a Horns Down to a Texas player as an opponent, that’s probably going to be a foul,” Burks said. “If you turn to the crowd and do a Horns Down, it will probably not be a foul.”

Burks’ comments make little to no sense, so Mayfield inserted himself into the equation.

The former Oklahoma Sooner turned Cleveland Brown took a direct shot at both Texas and the former conference he played in on Twitter.

Baker Mayfield’s History Against Texas

With Mayfield being an Oklahoma alum, he’s legally inclined to throw up the ‘Horns Down’ gesture a certain number of times per year. It’s worth noting that Mayfield went 2-2 against the Longhorns during his college career, losing to Texas during his one year at Texas Tech then going 2-1 against the Longhorns during his time at OU.

One could argue that Mayfield doesn’t really have the right to troll Texas like that, but again, he’s an Oklahoma alum. Plus, the comments out of the Big 12 are beyond ridiculous, but the conference must protect its money-making machine in Austin at all costs.

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